Go to the hospital and come home with Chinese Herbs? Yes you can with a new Chinese Herbal Medicine Program at the Health Clinic. While many hospitals are now incorporating integrative medicine clinics that include acupuncture, in 2013 the renowned Health Clinic went a step further and set up a full scale Chinese Herbal Medicine treatment center which stands alone from their acupuncture program.

Their goal is to create a reproducible model of the Chinese Herbal Medicine clinic that can be utilized by any hospital while being compliant with the particular rules that govern the hospital system. This is a huge step forward for the advancement and integration of Chinese Medicine because we as a public are now very accepting of acupuncture but many still remain skeptical of Chinese herbal therapy.

Our clinic is one of the largest and busiest acupuncture clinics in the state, with a reputation for excellent patient care and positive treatment results. Our practitioners are deeply passionate about Chinese medicine and taking time with our patients. With an extensive herbal dispensary, first class facilities and experienced professionals, we are well equipped to handle your health care needs.

When you come to see us, it is likely you will get a bag of raw herbs to cook at home or a bottle of herbal pills, essential oil recommendations, lifestyle recommendations, as well as what types of foods can aid your healing process. Our Clinic is committed to offering patients excellent health care in a professional, relaxing environment.